PCIe Gen4


PCIe Gen4

M.2 Gen4插槽2

PCIe Gen4 M.2套接字2测试适配器或测试夹具套件有助于对PCIe Gen4 M.2套接字2源和接收器设备进行设备和主机一致性测试。

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PCIe Gen4

M.2 Gen4插槽3

PCIe Gen4 M.2插槽3测试适配器或测试夹具套件有助于对PCIe M.2插槽3源和接收器设备进行设备和主机一致性测试。

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PCIe Gen4

SFF 8639 Gen4 (U.2)

The 8639G4-TPA-PR test adapter or test fixture kit facilitates Source and Sink compliance testing for SFF-Hosts and Devices. These SFF-8639 Gen4 fixtures utilize the multifunctional connector system supporting single/dual port SATA, dual and MultiLink SAS, and/or up to four (4) port PCIe device configurations. The SFF-8639 Gen4 receptacle fixture will accept devices with plug connectors that are in accordance with SFF-8482, SFF-8630, and SFF-8680.

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